Private label


Market research shows increased interest in private label cosmetics. Their popularity is influenced by the quality-price ratio. Customers receive polished, high quality end products at a relatively low price and this is their motivation to choose them.  Our experience shows that the private label sector is growing and its future looks bright.

Private label- how to make a start?

It all begins with a concept. If you have an idea for your own cosmetic product and you wish to enter the market, you don’t have to start from scratch! Packaging Factory will be your reliable and trustworthy partner in this process.

Your concept will be translated into reality and we will deliver the end product to your customers. Simple isn’t it?

How to create a private label product with PF Cosmetics?

We will familiarise ourselves with your concept and critically analyse it.

In our lab we will create a unique formula  for your product, in line with your expectations, or we can use one of our ready-made formulas.

We will take care of all required and necessary tests and carry out quality assurance.

We will purchase components- raw materials, product packaging (tins, bottles, tubes etc.), inner packaging (for instance cardboard boxes)

We will oversee the whole manufacturing process- production of cosmetic bulks, confectioning, packing and shipping.

You can count on us every step of the way!

PF Cosmetics also offers services:

Check out what we could create together – Catalogue

  • NATURAL COSMETICS: creams, butters, scrubs, oils and massage candles
  • SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: face creams, face serums,  face tonics, make-up removers, body lotions, hand creams, foot care creams
  • BATH AND SHOWER PRODUCTS: soaps,  body wash, shower gel

We will make dreams come true for your cosmetic brand!

What are the advantages of such a cooperation model?

First of all, you are lowering launching costs for your product and the risk associated with it. We take the burden and stress off your shoulders by overseeing the whole manufacturing process, utilising our machinery and sharing experience. On top of that, you save time needed to gather the specialist, industry knowledge- the know-how. The know-how which we gained throughout the years in the industry is at your disposal- assistance with formula preparation, choosing the right packaging, labels and also, the technical knowledge. We know the private label market inside out and you can rely on our expertise.

We offer comprehensive service which takes place under one roof. This is why you have control over the whole process. And you have our support  whenever you need it.

 Are you ready for your private label? Let’s create something great together!